Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Invoking The Great White One

Good luck, in the form of The Great Albino Squirrel of Jamaica Pond, presented itself yesterday.
As we drove past the pond I said to my dear husband, “I wonder if the albino squirrel is still alive”--it had been a year since we'd seen him/her last. Not more than 2 seconds later, The Great White One appeared beside the road. My excitement nearly cost Alex his eardrum.

I feel pretty dang lucky to have invoked the spirit of The Great White One. I imagine people who pray to god wish he/she would show up like that.

Check him/her here



We love the white squirrel and plan to pray to him tonight.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I saw the albino squirrel by Jamaica Pond yesterday (24 December 2005). The funny thing is, afterr searching the internet about albino squirrels, I saw your husband's posting dated 12 October 2004. My boyfriend's name is also Alex and his birthday is 12 October!! Sighting an albino is good luck and I guess coincidences are too.

Christina said...

Wow, That is some coincidence. We walked around the pond today (12/25) and didn't see him so I'm glad to know he's still around.

I hope sighting him brings you and your boyfriend loads of luck! Long live the albino squirrel.