Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Photo Trend

Noticing a trend in recent blog posts, namely no photos? That's because our keyboard broke in the move--Thank you to our wonderful 'professional' moving/packing people. What does it take to be a professional packer anyway?

What do 10 lb dumbbells, motorcycle tie-downs, a nursing pillow, baby clothes and a lamp have in common? Nothing, other than they were all thrown together in one box.

More photos soon, in addition to my business website which I'm hoping to launch by this weekend.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Soup du jour

Just yesterday, I wondered "What exactly is the difference between baby spit-up and throw-up?" Today I got my answer, while playing air-plane with Zander (picture me laying down with him extended high above).

When a 98.6 degree milk-and-stomach-acid-soup hits you in the face you'll know the difference. When it happens again, no more than 10 minutes later (some of us are a little denser and slow on the uptake than we should be) and you shrug it off and just rub it into your outfit, the one you've worn two days in a row and already has a variety of spit-up incidents on it, you'll know you're deep in the throws (bad play on word) of motherhood.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Undercover Mother

Should you wish to take your baby for a walk in Volunteer Park, go before dusk--I learned the hard way.

See, 'The Park' has always been a 'same-sex-love-and-get-your-high-on'
sort of place, but this is when the sun goes down. Who would have thought that 3:30pm was the official start to happy hour?

I think my disguise as 'mother' kept me from seeing the worst of it. I was likely mistaken for an undercover cop as I strolled past the dozens of idling cars and drivers.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back Online

After attempting to get 240+ items (including boxes chock full of junk) in the right places and painting the house top to bottom (neither of which is complete), I'm back online and struggling for something to write about. So again, I'm going for a list.

Consistency is key to an infant's sleep routine. Being in 4 different houses (Boston, Hotel in Boston, Temp Housing, our house in Seattle) in 2 weeks time wreaks havoc on little ones.

Unpacking and getting settled when you have a 3 month old to care for is an exercise in patience--boxes sit half-unpacked, everywhere. The anxiety this brings has crossed over into my sleep. The other night I dreamt that I had to catch a flight and wasn't packed and all that was supposed to be packed was buried under piles of junk. I finally got to the airport with things hanging out of my suitcase and looked down to see I was wearing 2 different colored shoes (I actually did this when I was massively pregnant; couldn't see my toes) . Then, while running off to tell the people I was with to hold up while I changed my shoes, all of my stuff is stolen.

I will never ever again gain 50 lbs, whether I'm pregnant or not. Dropping the 15 lbs that have decided to stick around is a real pain in my big butt.

People in Seattle are sooo nice. I've missed the random and senseless smiling of strangers-- strangers that are so nice they'll even let you ride their tricycles. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Take this

I'm busy trying to unpack our stuff so photography and blogging are lagging. So here, take this photo from a month ago, in Boston.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween Mayhem

We've arrived back home, frazzled but safe and sound. The trip went smoothly except for clearing security at the airport, which Alex describes here.

We bought cars, the first milestone in our return to 'adult' life. I get a new car for the very first time which I'm pretty jazzed about. It's mommish, but my pony has some serious hooves--just try to beat me off the line.

Zander is babbling and this is too cute for words.

He's also been 'subjected' to a new trick, which he seems to really love.

My dear friend Lori, mother to little Claire The Duck and William The Bear (above), gave Zander his first Halloween costume, which was good because Alex and I were to jet lagged and disoriented to get around to it.