Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween Mayhem

We've arrived back home, frazzled but safe and sound. The trip went smoothly except for clearing security at the airport, which Alex describes here.

We bought cars, the first milestone in our return to 'adult' life. I get a new car for the very first time which I'm pretty jazzed about. It's mommish, but my pony has some serious hooves--just try to beat me off the line.

Zander is babbling and this is too cute for words.

He's also been 'subjected' to a new trick, which he seems to really love.

My dear friend Lori, mother to little Claire The Duck and William The Bear (above), gave Zander his first Halloween costume, which was good because Alex and I were to jet lagged and disoriented to get around to it.


Lindsay said...

Welcome home!
The babbling is the best. That trick that Alex does with Zander is impressive:)
Nice wheels too! My little Jetta is a joke w/the three of us in it.

Counting_Blessings said...

Congratulations on making it home safely and on the return to "adult life"! (My son is 2.5 yrs old and I'm still working on that one!). Zander's costume is adorable.

I bought the Outback 2.5i two months ago and absolutely love it. Not quite as many ponies as yours, but a great vehicle for space and comfort with a sporty ride. I call mine the "station wagon on steroids"...