Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Other Side of the Tracks--Seattle Child Photography

I'm a big fan of shooting in SoDo and specifically around the train tracks. This usually works out well, so well in fact that a couple of times I've been invited on the trains--Thanks super cool train engineers!
Well a couple of weeks back, prior to the Drew and Xander at the beach post below, I asked Sarah and Drew to come down to the tracks with me and Xander. The goddess of railroad peace was not watching over me that day. Within two-minutes of playing pretend Hobo, a office kill-joy called me out for trespassing. He told me he didn't care if I got hit but that the kids shouldn't die. Uhm... okay. I guess he thought we were irresponsible nannies or Mothers looking to tie our kidlets to the tracks.

Hey Mr. BNSF Office Man--you'll never be as cool as a train conductor! Nuh nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuhhhhhhh....

Playdate + Photo Documentation

I'm getting older while my child is getting stronger, faster, and sassier. Having Xander home with me on Thursday and Friday means I must cultivate my inner super mom and venture out into the world. This becomes challenging when the sass, scream and tantrum factor is high which is precisely why the I've finally embraced (come to terms?) with the thing mothers all over the world do to keep themselves from drinking at breakfast, The Playdate.

For me, Playdates were the gateway to cul-de-sacs and minivans. An endless series of questions and talk about Jane's poop schedule and the consistency of Johnnies naps and my desire to talk about nothing of the sort, keep me out of the 'dating' scene. This is where my old pal from the 7th grade comes in. Enter, Sarah and her daughter Drew.

Here are some snaps from the day.

What Would Superman Do?

Times are suckity economically, and when you combine said suckity-ness with the 'slow' time in the photog business, it spells only one thing. Serious-meltdown-OMG! What am I doing wrong--I need to reinvent myself! I need a look, a vibe, a persona, the ridiculousness is ridiculous. In times like this, I hover over my laptop hitting 'send/receive' in a very OCD fashion (Me: The cable must be out again, otherwise I'd be downloading copious amounts of client inquiries, right ?!) and check my google analytics graphs, pie charts and bounce rate like I actually understand them. So when times get tough, the tough start investigating all the gobs of benjamins they could drop to make more money. It takes money to make money, right?

Well here I am, at this very free, blogspot blog, wishing I had a super snazzy and expensive 'couture' blog designed by fabulous people, much younger than myself, and able to pull off fashions I refer to as 'Forest Gump in his running across America phase' or 'Pat Benatar and Napoleon Dynamite are BFFs'.

I go through this crisis around this time every year and I'm hoping this year will be like years past, as in, 'this will be over soon, once the sun hits, biz will pick up' but there are two potential problems with my 'The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow' hopes. 1. The economy 2. The economy.

Meanwhile, I work on a few clients' files as well as my own personal work and I just wait... oh and get ready for a shoot tomorrow at the studio.

Spring has Sprung!

Gams with and without Jams

If The Shoe Fits

Rosa, Carla and Adam

This past Saturday, I got a chance to photograph the Saultwards (C. Saulter
+ A. Edwards=Saultwards) at a part in West Seattle. Everytime I do a family session I wish I did more of them (shameless pandering for business).
Anyway, they are quite the lovely family so with that... I present The Saultwards.