Wednesday, July 08, 2009

B'not Mitzvah Natalie and Alex!

A couple of weeks ago I photographed the double B'not Mitzvah for sisters Natalie and Alex. It was a truly festive and colorful event and it was very cool to have a chance to photograph part of the ceremony in addition to the evening party. From what my photographer friends tell me, it is rare to be allowed to photograph during the ceremony.

Being it was my first B'not or Bat Mitzvah I learned a lot about this Rite of Passage. Prior to the ceremony Rabbi Daniel Septimus informed Natalie and Alex of their responsibilities as fully indoctrinated Jewish women and they signed on the dotted lines.

Later that evening, there was a fabulously festive party held at the UW Botanical Gardens. It was the first summer day of 2008, the mountain was out and it was all around a festive and memorable occasion. Mazal Tov!

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