Friday, February 19, 2010

Opposional Blogger Syndrome

A new version of the DSM came out last week and I've found a name for my affliction, Oppositional Blogger Syndrome.

The characteristics of this syndrome are repeated and sporadic bursts of blogging, with promises to never again let so much time lapse between posts.

There may also be promises of grand and excitingly creative daily posts (e.g. photo blogging).

No offense to anyone to who's reading this but let me be honest, I'm not doing this for you and that one other reader out there. I'm doing this for me because I desperately need to find a way to channel daily creativity. Some might say that's ridiculous considering I'm a professional photographer but shooting for a job is more about problem solving then creativity.

Maybe signing up for a daily online photo + journaling prompt is in order.

I'm thinking of doing this: The Poetic Eye, Point & Shoot Journaling: Daily Inspirations