Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YesToDay. A Delayed Project Start.

I'm pretty confident the readership on this here blog is non-existent and that's okay because I'm writing and posting images here for myself--if someone decides to watch, swell and consider this a big old welcome shrug.

So after many years of looking for a project I have one, a very simple project.
A photo a day.

I've titled my project YesToDay--tis a combo of Yesterday and Today (posting a 'yesterday' image is my slacker safety net) additionally, this title serves as motivation, a JustDoIt of sorts, Yes (I have to do this) ToDay.
Disclaimer: I'm a quality over quantity sort, but for 2010 producing quantity, no matter how crappy, is the goal, and just so you know, there will be crap.

Because we are now 13 days into 2010 I'm going to post what I have of 2010 here in this post.

01/01/2010.  Sleeping off last year.

01/02/2010. Ice cream as a we broach the topic of what's to come. "Xander, I think today is Saturday and the day after tomorrow is Monday. Do you know what happens on Monday? Vaca is over." It was really Sunday.

01/03/2010. The ManChild is a huge fan of puddles. He wears his helmut in case he falls into the puddle. iPhone.

01/03/2010. Plain and simple. The sun, a welcome sight.

01/04/2010.  What's the deal with street shoes? I decided I should at least aknowledge it, after passing it by for over 2 months. Turns out this shoe is currently occupied.

01/11/2010. This is a view from a playground around N. Lake Union (aka Vultan Land). The spire in the background holds a special place in my heart.
When I was in Jr. High, this place, I think it was then called The Temple, was a club of urban legends. The sort of legends that would make anyone put down Judy Blume's book Forever. Yes, they were scandelously juicy tales.


Ian said...

Did you do any post-processing or was this straight off the iphone? These are great shots!

Christina Mallet Photography said...

What you mean your iPhone doesn't do this? ;)

Ian said...

Hi Christina,
I'm assuming you are taking these photos with your iphone since it has "iphone" at the end of each photo:)
I have an LG phone with a camera but the pictures are pretty lame. I was wondering if you touched up the pictures or if that's how they look directly from the camera. By the way, I just bought a point and shoot Canon G11 with underwater housing. Looking forward to getting some good underwater pictures.


Christina Mallet Photography said...

Hey Ian,

Ya, they are iphone shots. I need to get a dinky camera to carry around with me. My work camera weighs a ton and is really cumbersome,which is why I rarely take personal photos anymore. So, alas, the phone is my new personal camera.
I touch up every photo I've ever taken. :) I always tweak the color, contrast and sharpening in every shot. When a photo is utter crap, I usually add a noise filter to make the crap look intentional.
Groovy about your underwater set-up. Where are you going to use this? Somewhere tropical?
Thanks for reading/seeing.

Ian said...

I plan to take this diving locally this winter. I've heard of some decent dive areas around Bainbridge and Port Townsend but I'll have to see it to believe it. We are going to Tahiti in June and my friend just invited me to spend easter at their vaca home in Phuket Thailand. I'll post pictures and you can critique them:)

caren said... the "juicy stuff"!-

Gail said...

Christina - the photo of the church is unreal - no my iPhone doesn't do this for me - maybe you can offer me a lesson!
Happy New Year, hope to connect with you soon (just give a yell across the back yard okay?) :-)

maggie said...

auntiemm reads your blog and loves the photo's

maggie said...

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