Friday, January 22, 2010

A Generation, past.

My Grandmother, Helen, my mom's mom, died yesterday.
I rarely saw her, was never close to her and therefore didn't know her well so to say I'm mourning would be dishonest. I do however feel sad for my mom, my Aunt Sheila and my Uncle Jess.
They lost their mom and that, regardless of your age, has got to be so hard.
Sometimes I think about my own death. Leaving this world will is something I fear becuase it means I'll be leaving my Xander alone in this world. Regardless of how old he'll be, a grown man I hope, it makes my heart hurt.

Helen, my Grandmother.

My Mom, Sheryl, and my Grandmother.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad, too! No matter how old you are, losing you mama makes you an orphan.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture of your mother and her mother. stunning. so sorry for your family's loss. xo, anna

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