Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Xander's school does an annual MLK march but this year it was canceled because some whackjob called the middle school next door threatening to kill kids.
Recipe for canceled march = SWAT everywhere + buildings on lockdown +o ne stupid psycho with either a love of prank phone calls or a serious mental disorder, potentially both.
So the march was inside the school, which was a bummer.
I had planned to be the MWAC (mother with a camera) with the mad professional flare and skills but alas, I only made the 5'o'clock news.

1 Giddens MLK March_January 15 2010-2
Love, it's good!

2 Giddens MLK March_January 15, 2010
This boy is apparently haunted by vampires. Peace is all he wants you blood suckers!

no vampires detail


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