Friday, December 30, 2005

Kittens and Kigali

I've always had vivid dreams. Lately, things are becoming more so.

This week's REM

I’m ordering Mexican hot chocolate from a peasant woman. She pours milk into a jar she has on a shelf and something inside the jar starts moving. I asked her what it is. She informs me that this is the way authentic Mexican hot chocolate is made, with a kitten in a jar. You simply add chocolate and milk and let the kitten get a mixing.

Being the cat lady I protested and demanded the kitten be let out of the jar. The woman told me to “relax, it's only in there 8 hours a day.”

I'm in Kigali at a UN conference then something goes very wrong and I'm running through the jungle and across coffee plantations to escape the Hutus who are trying to get me and some Tutsi guy I met at the conference.

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