Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm not feeling particularly long winded these days so here's a list of the latest.

Spring is officially here, but unfortunately that is not yet apparent to Boston's Mother Nature.

We got our first baby presents and I think they are just about the bestest presents eva. They prove just how cool my friends are and just how well they know what I'd like. Thanks to Lori, Paul, Claire and William for:Lullabies from the Axis of Evil , The Baby Owner's Manual : Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance; & a super groovy handmade mobile of Savanna creatures, which Sandeep loves ;)

This May, in The Land of Milk and Honey my sister Rhonda is throwing us a 'goodbye to adult life' party (aka: baby shower). It's going to be co-ed and people will be required to sign a "I promise not to 'ohhhh', 'ahhhh', or say the words 'cute', 'precious' or 'adorable' at any time during this adult soiree which will have adult food and beverages." I've had a hard time stomaching my sister's vision of us all "sitting in a circle watching you open baby presents", which prompted the above mentioned contract. I'm just not really the cutsey wootsey baby showering sort, so living out of town and coming home for it makes it seem more like a 'Hey, we're home! Let's Party Like Rock Stars' sort of affair. Not that I've ever partied like a rock star, but maybe I should try before I'm "MOM".

Speaking of Seattle, I've discovered I'm really bummed out that el NiƱo won't be born in Seattle, like me. If he's going to be American then I wish he were brought into the world on the west coast, because we all know the west is best. He'll be the first East Coaster in my family.

I only have 15 weeks, or 103 days (including weekends), left at work. June 30th will be a glorious glorious day.

My rib cage has expanded 4 inches, which from what I've read is due to the fact that my lung capacity has increased 40%. If ever there were a time to run a marathon..... ya right.

The End

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