Thursday, August 24, 2006

A List of Motherhood So Far

The whole 'you'll never sleep again' thing isn't as bad as I thought. Who knows how I'll feel about that next week.
I have no idea how single mothers manage raising children solo. Alex is a super dad and I could never do this without him.
Umbilical cord stumps are not for eating. When you get up in the night to eat some walnuts with your baby slung over your shoulder and then return to bed and find what you think is a left-over walnut in his blankey, be sure it's a nut before putting it in your mouth.
I've been reading the same article from the NewYorker for 5 days straight. Each time I get to read it I have to stop on the same column--I give up.
I've started watching the same episode of HBO's "The Wire" 3 times and have not yet actually watched it.
I did knit an entire 3 rows on a baby blanket that will be for Zander's first child at the rate I'm going.

All that said, I don't care because I've got the cutest boy EVA!!!!!!

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