Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Parenthood Week 5

1. Going to the bathroom, when you want and need to, becomes a luxury when you enter the realm of parenthood
2. Being alone is a luxury
3. Silence is a luxury
4. Never trust the silence, it won't last
5. Pacifiers and milk may become known as "silencers"
6. You will suddenly understand why people go on vacations you once deemed 'boring'
7. Reading. Do I still know how to read?

But, as corney and goopey as it sounds, I wouldn't change a thing cause my small small husband is the sweetest little man I've known, apart from his dad, of course.

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MrsQueen2002 said...

Zander was born on my due date!! I followed you from the babycenter bulletin board because I am also from the Boston area. My baby, Ruby came early in July and you still being pregnant really helped me let go of the fact that she came 6 weeks early. Zander is GORGEOUS and I cant belive how much he has changed already!
Good job momma!!