Friday, October 13, 2006

Bye Bye Boston

After two years in Boston we are going home--Alex has decided to depart MIT with a Masters instead of a PhD. Although my dislike of Boston is great, I did my best to remain 'neutral'--we came out here so Alex could do his graduate school thing and leaving on account of my dislike was not something I would entertain.

We're out of here in 2 weeks, which is so soon I can barely get my head around it. But what I have been able to get my head around are the fabulous amenities of modern life I will regain, such as: A doorbell; a water mixer in bathroom sink; lead free bathroom fixtures; lead free plumbing; hot water that isn't 299 degrees hot; outlets in the bathroom; lights that turn on with switches rather than strings hanging from the ceiling in center of the room; windows that close; windows that open; windows that don't come crashing down in the middle of the night; a dishwasher; a garbage disposal; a car.

And then there are the things about life in Boston that I won't miss, such as: Garbage-men who create a huge mess on trash day; people who litter; people who collect bottles the night before trash pickup and cause a huge racket with their shopping carts clanking with bottles; people who leave their dogs' poop on the sidewalk; excessive use of car horns; dirty snow; hot as Hades summers.

What I'll miss: Cannoli from Modern Pastry; the first hour of a snowfall before the heavy machinery comes out to ruin the peace and quiet; the autumn colors; the free stuff people leave on the streets on trash day; our landlord Jose, who's more of a slumlord really but he's a cheerful and funny one at that; my two good photog friends Stefanie and Stephanie.

So away we go.

P.S. To any Boston readers, sorry for hating on your city, it’s not you, it’s me ;)


Maggie's Mama said...


I have followed your blog since I "met" you on babycenter - I had my baby August 25th and live in Boston. I moved her from San Francisco and have a love/hate relationship with this city. Congrats on getting out and good luck with the move and your new family. You inspired me to start a blog and it keeps me sane. Thanks!

JoJo said...

Nice, welcome back!!!! can't wait to see you guys with mister Z!