Monday, March 05, 2007

Attack of the Xander


He's mobile!!! Just yesterday he was rocking, reaching and grabbing. Today he's crawling, scooting and standing up on all fours, like a dog.

He's also taken to pulling himself up on his crib and standing.

I can't put him in our bed to nap by himself anymore. I went upstairs today and he was sitting up in bed. When he saw me he laughed.

He's also decided he likes to bob up and down to music.

His third tooth came through yesterday.

Today he went to day care at the gym while I sat in the sauna. He loved it. I snuck in to see what he was doing. He looked at me blankly and then turned away to resume his squealing and jumping 'en exersaucer'.

Lord help me.


Lindsay said...

what a difference a day makes!
you are busy.

jamestwo said...

You have a nice boy!
Oh, ye, last week I met Nicole Titus, a teacher who loves India. She was your travel mate to India, you write once. She married to Peter there? Or is he another Nicole Titus?

Christina said...

Jamestwo--indeed, same Ms. Titus.
Who are you? Where are you?

Izabell said...

just wait soon he will be popping up to his feet all the time! izzy stood up in her pack in play in the morning next to the bed and when I woke her little face was an inch from mine and we both screamed out of start! lol