Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ritual Balance

Now that I'm keeping pretty busy with a steady flow of shoots, on the order of 5-6 a week concentrated into 3 days, I'm finding work life balance is a lot harder than I expected.
Even with SuperNanny here twice a week and the grandma one day a week, I can't get all my work done, entertain boyboy, vacuum in pumps and have dinner waiting when Alex gets home. The house stuff, well that's just a fact of life--I'm never going to be June Cleaver. But my boyboy, well he's my boyboy and so the guilt I'm feeling about not always being mentally or physically present is probably something I best act on.
I'm thinking getting out of the house and letting everything fall to the side 2 days a week might be the way to go. Sorry Alex.
I've been brainstorming ideas for rituals that boyboy and I could do together, rituals that are mutually entertaining and get us out of the house.
I really want Xander to have a sense that this city is his--that he knows it as a local and not a tourist, which is why I thought it might be cool to take the bus (a 5 minute ride from home) to Pike Place once a week to do a bit of grocery shopping.
I loved the fact that as a child we went to the market often--fond memories indeed.

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