Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Epic? It's long.

Which is why I am going to list it.

First though, Happy New Year!

1. Alex's Mom was diagnosed with cancer in early December
2. Alex had knee surgery in early December
3. I had to call 911 night after his surgery because his eyes rolled up into his head and he looked dead. Oxycontin is not his drug of choice.
4. Two weeks after his surgery, we went to Germany to spend Xmas with his mother. There, Alex's knee become so infected that he had to be hospitalized and had 4 German surgeries (that might be a cool band name).
6. Our house sitter had an 'accident' with the house alarm and the cats are now deaf and familiar with the cops in the hood.
7. I kind of crunched a family friend's car in Germany.
8. I flew home solo, with a 16 month old who screamed bloody murder for 11 hours straight.
9. I came home to learn that my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, again.

All of this, combined with thoughts like "recycling the cat food cans is a moot point given the world will come to an end in my lifetime" and you have one crappidy dappity year ahead.

The good stuff:
Alex comes home tomorrow, finally.


Stefanie Lynn Photography said...

Did you feel that? It was me giving you a great big hug.

Love ya!

Leon said...

Wow! Hang in there - if there's anything we can do - please let us know - we'd love to help.

Lou said...

oh man...I'm so sorry. ehhhh. Don't know what to say. I'll go take a xanax for you.
No, but really my thoughts are with you and just throw your cans into the street, you are right with all of the other stuff going on everything else seems trivial.
Wishing you good thoughts.

Steven said...

That's some tough stuff to be faced with right now. I hope things will pan out nicely over the course of this new year.

Bringing Up Ben said...

here's to 2008 ending better than it began.

Anonymous said...

I hope 2008 is kinder to you than December 2007 has been.

nancy said...

Hey there,
Call me or send me an email. I am thinking of you and miss you! Hang in there.