Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sherylonicle, Part I

My Mom, Chez Moi
My Mom, aka Sheryl, on round two of breast cancer, has enlisted me to photo document her treatment.
We had our first 'shoot' this weekend, during a wig shop outing that turned into a hair shaving outing.

The nice stylist wigs at Hair Options in Greenwood, wigs my Mom.

My Mom is pretty, and I like this shot so it's a keeper.

After narrowing down the wig selection, Mom goes outside to check the color in natural light.

It was my idea--I couldn't help it. It's so Cat in The Hat.

We've found a wig, now off with her head, of hair.
Don't try this at home, it will hurt.

Pile o' Hair.

Off with it.

The Last Stand, for a while anyway.


Stefanie Kimball said...

Your mom is so strong & beautiful!

Thoughts & prayers from MA


julie h said...

Do you have an e-mail at which I could write you privately? I enjoy your work but can only find a phone number. I would prefer to shoot you an e-mail. Thanks.

Christina said...

Hi Julie, my email is



Lindsay said...

Your mom is beautiful.
I hope if I ever have a daughter I can have this type of bond.
PS Not preggo.

Liz said...

Such a great photo story. Your mom seems like she has a lot of vim and vinegar!

Matt & Sheila said...

I love my sister! SKK

Deb said...

Your mom is lovely. I hope all goes well.

P.S. One of the lovely girls from BBC pointed me to your blog. It's nice to see your name and great work again.