Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ipod + Donuts= Bad

Two things I thought I loved have fallen from grace, namely donuts and ipods.

My craving and belief that I would like to eat donuts has ceased. Dear Alex brought me some and when I took one look at the grease stains on the bag holding them I knew this was going to be a short lived pregnancy craving. Donuts are the junkiest of junk food, they’re toxically sweet and TransFattyAcid greasy. Yuck. Three cheers to Alex for curing me.

My 2nd Ipod in 3 years is dead. The first, the 30 gig sort, succumb to Alex’s Gatorade. The second, the 40 gig variety, and most recently deceased went haywire yesterday for no reason (think clicking and the file folder with exclamation icon). The warranty is expired and so I’m throwing in the Ipod towel and going for a cheaper, not so chic option.

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