Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MeHim, An Introduction

Well, it's officially official--Alex and I are having a little human!

There’s not much to report other than the above ultrasound images and that I’ve busted out of all my jeans.

Seriously, this seems like it's been way too easy--no nausea, no aching chest, etc. My only real complaints are the nightly sweats (the 'soaking-2-towels-and-then-the-sheets' sort of sweats) and hunger (the 'I’m-up-at-3:00am-to-eat-another-banana' sort of hunger).

Speaking of hunger, I have had some very, at least for me, unusual cravings. For instance, I used to loathe blueberries—they were just too sweet. Now I can't get enough. Salsa and marinara sauce have become worthy of straight from the jar, cold from the fridge kind of eating. The next . . . I'm embarrassed to say so I’ll let the photo do the talking.

I know it’s snobby and ridiculous but I always considered the taste-return on calorie- investment a waste. I’m also embarrassed because I just don’t eat low quality junk like this. My, how things change.

I want the sort that you see here, but I can't find them here and I can’t get them on mail order (yes, I did a thorough investigation) so donut holes will have to suffice.

Yesterday I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't even bring myself to say the name of what I wanted. I just pointed and said "I'll have 2 white and 2 brown please,"

So back to the point, which is not food or my snobby perceptions of it, rather it's Mini Mallet, due to enter the scene on August 14!


JoJo said...

Very nice and congratulations again!!!!! I am sooo excited.....

Corey said...

WAHOOO!!! Alex already shut me down on the attempt to name your child Corey. I am very excited for you guys.

I did end up accepting an offer with Ramp Technology Group - complete with paid vacation (a new concept). After our trip to Houston next weekend, I'm sure we'll be planning for Boston again!