Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Honeymoon

Question: If this is what I look like at 14 weeks 4 days, how big will I look at 40 weeks?

Statement: The second trimester is commonly called the honeymoon period of pregnancy.

Realization: The above statement does not apply to me.

Explanation: The 2nd trimester has brought with it aches & pains from stretching body parts, awkward walking, crankiness and an anti-nesting, no-cooking instinct .

By comparison the first trimester was great for me. I had no morning sickness, wasn't all that tired and food tasted really good which moved me to do all sorts of cooking. Now when I present dinner choices to dear Alex, it goes something like this: "What do you want for dinner, eggs or macaroni and cheese out of a box?" To which Alex replies, "How about some protein with that macaroni and cheese?" "Okay, how about a side of bacon?"

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