Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Popsicle Woes

New and Improved FDA Recommendations

What food deserves its own group and a large portion of the FDA food pyramid, or whatever the hell shape it is now? Popsicles. Yes, Popsicles.

I want popsicles, and damn the NE and its obsession with ice cream, I can't find one anywhere. Well, that's not totally true, I have found 2 varieties but neither are suitable for my pregnancy-induced lust for frozen calories on a stick.

The First: A Lifesaver Pop, which is a frozen toxic concoction of corn syrupy dregs from the bottom of the juice cask in colors resembling crayons. If partially hydrogenated oils were appropriate popsicle ingredients you can bet these would be chalked full of em.

The Second: A Tragic Joes Pop. Don't get me wrong, I love TJ's but they've got the popsicle thing all wrong. Alex, the dear, brought me home the lime version-- they're sitting in our freezer gathering a protective ice glaze. Way too sweet with a hint of 'if-I-were-to-melt-I'd-be-in-a big-ol-glass-with-Tequila-and-salt' just aint working for me—oh what I would do to have the melted version…..

Today’s mission: take the bus to a super duper grocery store and find some damn popsicles


Jen Stewart said...

Have you thought about making your own? I bought a cool kind of retro popsicle mold thing from Williams-Sonoma a few years back, and I just toss in whatever juice I want (some of those pulpier 'smoothie' juices work nicely as well) - Cranberry/Grape is a fave. :)

The Scribe said...

Your love of popsicles is akin to my own red jello thing. You can't find it anymore on restaurant menus except at some diners. So frustrating! I know, I know, I could make it myself, but it somehow tastes better when someone else does it.

K said...

HAHAHAHA!! I love popsicles too. We bought the little set where you can make your own and I make them out of white grape juice. LOVE IT!! Try the Dora ones!