Friday, June 29, 2007


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In other news:
The house is close-ish to being done. After more than two months of remodeling we're on the last stretch, painting and floors.
Fact: The house was built in 1905.
Fact:Apparently it's common to find things in the walls of old homes, like skeletons, which is exactly what we found.

Not really.

However, they (contractor & his people) found a pair of old boots, a lining for a hat, and a tube top sort of bra in the wall. All of which has got to be 100 years old.

There are exactly 2 toilets and 3 pedestal sinks in front of our garage in a large crate, which I'm told weighs 600 lbs.
Why I had them delivered here, when they are for the other house? well, that's beyond me.

I'm shooting a wedding this weekend.

The end.

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