Saturday, August 08, 2009

Nicole & Graig's Wedding

I've done a good job of keeping my photog calendar filled with a variety of photographic genres and gigs so I never get pigeon holed or typecast as a photographer shooting only in one genre. This keeps me fresh and having fun, always. Case in point: I had the opportunity to photograph Nicole and Graig on Thursday, August 6th. Molly, my friend, assistant, and former bride asked me to capture their day and it was quite the unique experience.

First, I had never met either Nicole or Graig and when I did, they looked smashing. Being in black tie and a wedding dress makes a great first impression. ;)
Second, I didn't actually photograph their ceremony. Only Mormons are allowed inside The Temple, so I had to wait outside. I thought this might pose a challenge because the ceremony sets the mood for the event and gets everyone on the same page. Thankfully everything worked out, no doubt in part because Nicole and Graig were so chillax that it made doing a quick read on how to best photograph them a breeze.

Lastly, the temple is an amazing location! The fountains and gardens are spectacular--capturing love birds being love birds in a fab setting is always a pleasure!
And with that very long winded preamble, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Nicole and Graig!