Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Okay, I might be closing any kind of pearly gate that might exist byway of this post, but given my religious skepitude and lack of faith in things I can't see, I can't help it.

If you notice, on the far, top right of this screen is a icon that says "next blog"--try using it you'll get some pretty boring but occasionally very entertaining results. Today I came upon a blog that kept my eyes glued to the screen.

Disclaimer: I'm new to this blogging medium, revealing my innermost thoughts and mundane details of my day, so I am going to claim ignorance to any unwritten rules that should prevent me from commenting on someone else’s blog.

The blog I have to share with you goes like this:

While praying the blogger is interrupted and says: "I hate how satan can get me sidetracked for just a moment, and, before I know it……. "

Okay that's bizarre! Does this woman actually think the devil 1) exists and 2) is just waiting to lead her astray? (I just answered my question, obviously yes) I know the devil can be a metaphor for temptation but the way it's put it sounds as if he's riding around on her shoulder.

She goes on to reveal that:

". . .I think God wants us to look our best, after all we are His children; but I don’t think He’s incredibly impressed with our latest fashion trends and the newest color we choose to dye our hair, especially when it takes precedence over how we look inside. "

Wow, god wants us to look our best? If he's not incredibly impressed by our fashion, is he maybe marginally impressed?

More acknowledgment that god is a 21st century kind of guy:

"Does God speak to you when you're driving? I'm sure He probably does, just like He does with me. Well, this morning on my way to work it was foggy and drizzly, and people lose all sense of how to drive when a little water falls from the sky. Gives me a new respect for Noah; after all, he'd never seen rain before and he maneuvered a huge boat for more than a month! ... I think God puts the "rain" and "fog" on our roads of life to get our attention... not so that we'll breeze right on through, possibly hurting ourselves or someone else. I think He wants us to learn something, maybe how to be a better "driver" here in this life, maybe to be a better example, or maybe to avoid an "accident" in life or to keep one from being so harsh. Maybe He just puts the rain and fog in our lives to keep us on a certain road longer so we can spend a little more time with Him, perhaps we wouldn't spend that time with Him if we got to our destination sooner. Next time you're "held up" in traffic or just the traffic of life, take the time to enjoy the moment... it may be that God has something He really wants you to see, or maybe He just wants to spend some time with you."

Question: Since Jesus is essentially commuting with her, can she use the carpool lane?

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mandrill said...

I love it. Keep it up :D