Monday, February 07, 2005

Photo Block, Please Help!

Neat and Tidy!

I need your help, badly. I've been suffering a bout of photography block since we moved to Boston. I never thought this would happen. I thought if anything moving to a new place would give me so much new material I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I'm contained, really, really contained. It may seem absurd for someone who just started photography school to already hit an inspiration low--it is no doubt absurd. I have plenty of assignments that could produce very interesting photos if I could find something I wanted to photo, but I just can’t seem to do that. I’ve made lists of all the things that might be interesting photographic opportunities. So far, I’ve scored a big zero on all of them. I even started carrying my camera with me a lot more with the hope that I’ll run into something that begs my camera’s eye. Nope. Nada. Nein. Non. ARGHHHHH!!!!!! Yesterday, Alex and I took 2 long walks—it was a balmy 45 degree. The sun was shining, the dirty snow was beginning to fade, but still I could not find anything. I then decided I would try a new perspective: Start photographing the things that are not very aesthetically pleasing. Those of you who’ve read my previous posts know garbage is one of those things. I suddenly felt a burst of energy—garbage is everywhere, never inside the trash bins, but instead all over the street and sidewalk—what an opportunity. Then, as few hours passed and I decided this was a really bad idea. Not only would it be unhealthy for me to focus on the very thing I’m borderline obsessive about, but it was also unlikely that garbage is a compelling enough subject to produce photos that any one would want to look at. So, if you have any ideas of themes, or topics, or inspirations to help me crawl out of this photo grave, please send them to

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Susi said...

I have the opposite problem. Lots of ideas...No talent! You can judge if my lack of talent is evidenced by my ideas. Good luck!
* Walls: Wood, Stone!!,Brick/Patterns
* Architectural detail: doors, cornices, roof lines, etc.
* Patterns
* Children unaware
* Water reflections
* Tree shapes
* Abstract art in real life
* Honeybees, Weird insects, etc
* Eyes, Ears, hairlines, hair patterns
* Fabrics, textures, folds, colors