Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sushi, The Grooming Gato

What do you get when you have a photo assignment due in 48 hours and few daylight hours to work with, once you subtract sleep, commuting, and working? You gather your cats and/or husband together for yet another modeling session. Here's what Sushi did when I said "Shake your head like you're in a shampoo commercial."

Sushi and Mooshi both have snowy white fur so they were good subjects for this exercise. You'll notice that above, Sushi's fur has a slight lavender/pinkish (magenta) tone, this filter creates a sepia tone you see in the above photo. You could use this tool if you wanted to counteract the greenish cast of a florescently lit room.

The photo below, of Mooshi, is taken with a very warm toned filtering effect. If you wanted to warm up the light of a subject standing in bright, noon-time sun, when the light is usually very cool or on a cloudy day when the sky if very gray, this would be a good way to do it. In Mooshi's case, he's surrounded by furniture and walls of a very warm tones, which adds to the 'red light district' effect.

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