Friday, June 10, 2005

The Bipedal Cat, Part 2

Regarding the wonder cat:

It gets worse, better, funnier-- I don’t know what to call it.

Last night he barfed all over the place. Why? Well judging from the multitude of insects in his vomit I’m going to guess bugs and cat stomachs are not a good mix.

Then.. This morning at 5am I hear the squirrels going crazy. These are the same squirrels that brought Sandeep the homeless cat to my attention back in February—he terrorized them often. I get out of bed anticipating the worst--He was gone again. I went onto the roof and he was in a tree close to our bedroom window. He squeezed through the window onto the ledge and jumped to the tree. He was a bit stressed as the tree was a good distance from the roof but with his very springy legs managed to get onto the roof. I feel like this might be preparation for kids. Ugh……

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Maquinna said...

New Cat Names: Tarzan, or maybe Ralph?