Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Something about Nothing

Report from my front:

  • Sandeep was up to his tricks again. Last Friday he jumped off the deck, into a tree, and crawled down to the ground. I believe he learned his lesson. When I found him he looked utterly helpless and miserable. I think he understands food, water and comfort come from above not below.
  • The weather was hot, now it's cold.
  • This past weekend I was apart of the Life is Good Backyard Festival Photo Team . The festival was a charitable event to raise money for Project Joy, which was a worthwile cause--I had to keep telling myself that as I lugged my gear in the 90 heat with the oh-so-pleasant stick factor of 99% humidity. :) Here are some of the photos
  • My love of all things Photoshop grows. At school I'm working on masking and compositing which is pretty technical but when the technical aspects are mastered, it's digital art making. I'm far from a master, but hope to be.
  • I love my new spanx bra. Go to the website and enter LANDERS as the promotion code and get 50% off.
  • We are having a party on Saturday--many cool folks expected. I'll be a mojito mixing mama.
  • Alex dislocated his finger at TKD and is now walking the streets of Boston with his finger above his head to prevent swelling.

That's it and that's all.

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