Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Exposure Exposure

Today, after a week of stalling and carrying around the sealed and stamped envelope, I sent in my World in Focus photography contest entry form and print.

Of course my aim is to win, but given the stiff competition, it's pretty unlikely. That said, I'm not and will not get bummed out about it because at least my exposure will get some exposure.

The one thing that has kept me awake is wondering what they’ll do with my print once the contest is over. It's been made clear that they will not send prints back and for that, I somehow feel guilty of abandonment. I worry about what they will do with my dear print--will they throw it out, burn it, shred it, maybe use it as a coaster?

Since getting my new printer, I’ve been a print-o-maniac. And all these prints take on a totally different meaning, to me at least. Freeing them from the monitor has given them life and I’m more attached to them than ever.

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hpcine said...

What a sweet, maternalistic description of printing! MAybe I'll start resopecting my Epson printer a little more....