Friday, November 04, 2005

Holy Super Psyched-ness Batman!

I just got word from Age Fotostock that they want to buy 10 of my shots and give me a contract. This means I’ll be shooting like a mad woman; they ask that you submit 250-500 images a year, and those are the 250-500 'accepted' photos. They’re based in NY, Barcelona, and Madrid, and distribute in over 60 countries, so it’s safe to say my photos will be seeing the world.


hpcine said...

Let me be the first on this blog to congratulate you, Christina! You deserve it, first of all, and hopefully this will piut some inspiration in your stride too!

Anonymous said...

Thousand times thousand times congratulations, christina!
I'm so delighted that finally you've made a breakthrough!
More great opportunities are coming!
Keep up the spirit

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm one proud mama! It's good to see your natural talent recognized and hard work rewarded!

Corey said...

How cool is that! Ya'll are like my super power friends - there's nothing you can't do!