Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

What do you expect the New Year will bring you?

For me, I expect:
1. That I'll continue to be tired ALL the time.
2. That putting on something clean, free of baby spit-up, will continue to be like dressing up and noteworthy enough to include in a blog post.
3. Photog work will continue to stream in.
4. That next year I'll have to get off my scroogey @$$ and decorate for the holidays and wrap xmas presents in the appropriate manner (I'm the world's sloppiest wrapper).
5. That Mallet 2.0 will be in the works.
6. That Xander will walk before he's one and continue to be the cutest child I've ever known.

Have any resolutions?
Mine are dull as cardboard but listing them here might force me to actually follow through.
1. Go outside once a day--baby cabin fever is hard to shake without leaving the house.
2. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day--as much as I'd like to think carrying an 18lb pound baby around is a workout, it's not.
3. Cook something new once a week because the staples in the Mallet home are as bland this blog post.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

The part about #2 being in the works, by next year, is plain nutty.
I was thinking that too will be happening in my house. Guess I really better lose that remaining 15, now 17 after the holidays:)
Happy New Year