Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kinder Klass

This past Saturday we attended our first kid class, Kindermusik.

Notes to self:
Don't ever be caught dead saying this sentence, as one proud father announced to the class, "SusieQ went tinkle in the potty."

When attending Kindermusik with the husband, maintain a firm grasp on the child so that when we are doing the required free style dancing to the song Skiter a dink a dink a dink, Skiter a dink a doo (or however the hell this song goes) I don't have to dance around by myself. Dancing like a dork when you have a baby in your hands is cool. Dancing like a dork solo, not so much.

If I employ a singing voice, god help us, even the most mundane tasks become fun, at least for kids. Cleaning up is even fun! So much so that I can't get the song "clean up clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up clean up everybody do their share" out of my head.

There is a reason I avoided primary school teaching (my dirty secret: I have a masters in education [clearly $ well spent given what I'm doing now] and taught middle school for three years--proof is here) and singing all day and being cutsey wootsey is the reason. But I'm selfless now, right? It's not about me anymore, so I grin and bear it.

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Lindsay said...

Gregg got out of going to a sing a long class this Saturday, Benny napped through it, I think Gregg paid him not to go.
That's great about your career change!