Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A List

If you're a lawyer and I contact you to help me set up my LLC and you give me a quote, an expensive one, that includes things I don't want or need, and I ask to you remove these unwanted parts from your legal package, don't be lawyerish and insult me by telling me you don't do 'cafeteria' style business. Dude, you so give lawyers a bad name.

If you live in Seattle you should be wrapping your pipes and protecting your plants because the weather is so very frigid. People, it's 38 degrees outside, you want frigid?--move to Boston.

If your an animal lover, living in Seattle when it's 'frigid', you'll be happy to know that the weather and news people will tell you to protect your pets from the outdoors.

If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on studio equipment, have a baby in-tow, and want to deal with men who look at you like you're not a professional photographer but probably something along the lines of a scrapbooker, then I suggest this place.

If you want fast, reliable service and never have to deal with rude camera know-it-alls, then I suggest B&H.

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Lindsay said...

Did any of the men from the place also refer to you as sweetie or babe? Some of my favorite terms of endearment from people who I might be renting equipment from to call me. Sorry that place sucked.