Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dolls and Balls

The Mother and Father agree there are gender differences but the mother would like to keep the gender bias' to a minimum so on a trip to buy new toys for The Boy, The Mother buys him a doll to go with his new ball.

Shockingly, to The Mother at least, The Father's reaction is "no way, my boy is not playing with dolls".

The Mother and the creepy looking doll win.

The discussion that follows:

The Mother: If we had a girl would you object to her playing with trucks?
The Father: I wouldn't encourage it.

The Mother is so shocked because The Father's gender demon had never revealed itself until this day of balls and dolls.


nancy said...

Tell Father that Belle's favorite toy is her trains. She is obsessed with them. Is this considered a gender norm? Interesting what you learn when you have kids ;-)

Alex said...

I'm the victim of somewhat selective reporting here. So, before I'm accused of being an utter boor, let me supply some additional facts:

- On the subject of girls playing with trucks, what I said was that I would be happy to buy my [hypothetical] daughter a truck if she wanted one, but, in the absence of such an indication, my default choice of toy would be one more traditionally associated with girls. In keeping with that line of reasoning, buying a doll for Xander wasn't really something I'd ever considered.
- Independent of the recipient of the doll, I've always thought the dolls at Toys R' Us are really creepy looking. This further decreased my desire to buy one for Xander. [The doll is currently sitting in our living room with a box on its head, staring into space in a glassy-eyed, rigor-mortis, dead-baby sort of way. It brightens the atmosphere tremendously ...]
- Xander has played with the doll for a total of about 60 seconds so far; on the other hand, the toy truck he's had for months now continues to fascinate him.

Lindsay said...

I would have like to have seen Alex's face when the doll was brought out :)

Maggie's Mama said...

I am glad you saw you inspired me! I have loved my blog and started after we chatted once or twice on babycenter while pregnant and right after we had them.

Looks like you are thriving being west again! Boston's population is one less an amazing photographer! Maybe when we come out to visit my Seattle pals, I can hire you to take some pics!

And Maggie's favorite toy right now is a farm- pretty gender neutral as far as that stuff goes but I am all for her playing with trucks instead of barbie!