Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter, Spring, Passover, What-Have-You

Just an impromptu Xander portrait as we raced out the door to Bainbridge Island yesterday. Too bad we left his shoes on and that the backdrop didn't extend out to cover the carpet--I have the cats to thank for that. They peed and pooped on it when someone accidentally left the cat door locked while parking a motorcycle in the garage. At least they went on the paper backdrop instead of the carpet.


Lindsay said...

What a great picture. He's hilarious. Xander's all ready a cool guy. I have pegged him the guy who gets along with everyone at school.(this started w/the photo of him standing up in his crib)

Christina said...

ahh, be still my heart--Aren't you sweet. I like the peg you gave him--I'll be reminding him of it in a couple of years.

Too bad we don't live closer cause BMo and XMan could be serious lady killers, one with the eyes to melt them in their tracks, the other with the gooey charm.