Thursday, April 21, 2005

Evidence For Sophisticated Mental States In Members of the Anatinae sub-family of Anseriformes, by Dr. Alexander Mallard

Members of the species Anser anser domesticus [commonly known as the domestic goose], a species belonging to the Anatinae sub-family of Anseriformes, were observed in a partially artificial environment.

Our results indicate that geese exhibit heretofore-unsuspected behaviors commonly associated with highly sophisticated thinking patterns not usually ascribed to birds, such as waiting for a train, urging partners away from dangerous areas and patrolling boundaries in pairs. This could be interpreted to mean that birds have more highly evolved brains than has been assumed so far, and that the popular derogatory phrase 'bird brain' is at least partially inaccurate.

The Habitat and Research Lab

Doing the Jig


The Proud Artist


Wake-up Call


Morning Yoga

Anser anser domesticus Dispute



The Master at Work

The Mallard Research Lab

Scientific Photography by Christina Mallard

Again, Aggression


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