Friday, April 08, 2005

The Meowing Bird

Spring has sprung here in Bean Town--the birds are amazing. I'm quite taken with Cardinals--prior to moving here, my experience with Cardinals was limited to major league baseball and the porcelain statue my mother had of one. I thought their Technicolor representation, completely candy apple red, was just that, Technicolor, it's not and it's very cool.

The latest bird to captivate my attention is the meowing bird, also known as the European Starling (yes Chuck, the invasive species). Yesterday, I spent a good part of dusk looking for a kitten stuck in the tree; the kitten turned out to be a Starling meowing the daylight away. Check out these audio files, posted by a woman who has 3 pet Starlings--kind of spooky.


Anonymous said...

i like reading your blog soliliquy christina. wish you didn't live so far away. your eye/camera is wonderful. lori

Corey said...

Spooky is an understatment. It's currently 1:15am and I'm in my office with my headphones on. I think I'm going home now to dream terrible dreams.