Monday, April 11, 2005

Photography Project II: Goose Ghetto

A photo essay--that's my next big photography project. The story told in 10-20 images, can be constructed in a number of ways, from photojournalistic, to conceptual, to a compare & contrast; really, it’s up to me.

I’ve decided to do my project on this very strange and little known goose ghetto in Cambridge. I came upon this place while running. I really hate running and am always looking for a good reason to stop, this place fit the, pardon the pun, bill.

Saturday, Alex and I spent a good hour or so there. Picture me splayed on my belly in goose droppings, approaching very portly geese military-ambush-style. I got about 100 shots—most really good exposures, so I’ll likely have to return only once more.

I’m not going to go in to the merits of this locale’s appeal because I think the picture above gives you a pretty good idea.

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