Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Random Questions, Sightings and Thoughts

What will the 3 winners of the Boston Marathon do with their $100,000 prize money?
Was Pope John Paul a virgin?
What happens up in the sky to make it 80 degrees today and the rest of the week it's supposed to be in the 50s?

I fear the MIT professorial type I saw at the subway station yesterday, commited suicide.

I wonder this because he:

  • yelled at the train ticket guy
  • opened his wallet and threw a wad of cash on the tracks
  • and stood with his eyes closed and fists clenched, while standing way too close to the 'do-not-cross-line'.
It seems that if you wanted people to think your death was an accident, you'd throw something worth retrieving on the tracks so suicide would be the farthest from anybody's mind.

Saw an adult male eating kiddie cupcakes on the train, complete with colored sprinkles. Then saw a photography book at the COOP featuring vintage looking toys shot in Kodachrome. Who thinks Kodachrome photos of cupcakes and their wacky colors and toy decorations would be cool?

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