Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Artist Next Door to The Beav

We met our soon-to-be new neighbor, a veterinary intern at MSPCA’s Angell, on Saturday. After less than 5 minutes I was putty in his hands. Here’s why

He’s a vet (rationale: Vet=animals or at least cool animal stories).
He has 2 dogs
He’s really really neat. He set up his room in one day complete with shelving, curtains that match his bedspread ( bed skirt included—wow), perfectly organized bookshelves, a desk only the Beav would recognize, and slippers placed at his bedside. I know this because Sandeep escaped next door and I had to fish him out from under his bed.

When he asked what we ‘did’, I said I worked at MIT and was a photographer. He responded with “Cool, there seem to be a lot of artists in JP.”

Me, an artist? Whoa, Shiver me Timbers!

I’ve never fancied myself an artist but someone else did. With that short conversation I felt like I had something to write home about, something like “hey, I’m all grown up now and I’m an artist.”

Alex thought it strange that I was so taken aback. He said it would be as strange as him saying “I’m a computer scientist” and then being blown away because people considered him an engineer.

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Corey said...

Of course you're an artist! Every image I've seen you produce has perfect light, perfect color, and each has unique character and mood. I love it! You should be proud. =)

I don't get the same effect snapping pics of pit lane, or my kids thrashing wrapping paper on holidays.