Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Grammar Terrets

Some strange and funny linguisitic challenges have cropped up. Namely, I’ve adopted a new, completely involuntary, and grammatically very incorrect way of speaking.

Riding the T, looking at a poster of a woman I asked Alex: “Who is her?”
Explaining to Alex why I don’t want put my old computer on the curb for garbage pickup: “I don’t want them to find about me”

What I find so funny is that I was once an English and ESL teacher. No, I didn’t get fired, I got burnt, as in burnout.

I hope Me Talk Pretty One Day.


Maquinna said...

God, I love David Sedaris!

I was likewise nervous when Craig's father decided to use my old laptop. Despite the fact I had stripped it, I still harboured the fear he might come across some old, incriminating files...I'm still a little nervous, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

maybe you are pregnant...germany was germy - couldn't pronounce the man in it to save my life. lori