Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Picture of My Photography Experience To Date

The photography is going well. I'm busy shooting, refining my skills, and having a good time doing so. I've actually even grabbed a couple of jobs here and there. "Here" being MIT and "There" being the Chameleon Arts Ensemble, as well as assisting Lou Jones on 2 shoots.

I'd like to brag about the caliber of photographers who are teaching my classes. They happen to be some very well known and important people in the photography world.

To date I've had instruction from the following:

Cary Wolinsky National Geographic and Stock (He's responsible for the NG Poison and Brain editions)
Bob Caputo National Geographic Photojournalist and Author
Dave Henderson Interiors, Architecture, and Flowers, Boston Globe
John Barnier Alternative processes
Rick Friedman Newsweek, NY Times, People, Sports Illustrated
Lou Jones Travel, Sports (He's shot the Olympics for 20+ years) & Commercial

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