Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Self-Inflicted Self-Portrait

Hi there stranger. Do I look as uncomfortable as I feel?

My photopals and I wanted more of a challenge so we established a weekly photography project, apart from what we are doing in class. This week's topic was a self-portrait and damn was it hard. After 40 shots this is about as good as it gets. Check out my cronies portraits , if you're so inclined.


Gaurav Mukherjee said... of the comments in the link u provided describes it best - 'squeezing into yet spilling out of the frame'.

Anonymous said...

bell's palsy pic for an at home medical journal? i like it. hey could you publish some artistic photos of dermatological problems or before and afters of say black hairy tongue and get dave eggers to publish. i have always been curiously drawn to pore over those photographs on that slick glossy paper in my mayo clinic at home guide. miss you. your penpal lori