Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bathroom Monkey

Monkey Maid

As the end of every weekend approaches, so does cleaning anxiety brought on by the pile of dirty laundry, the film in the tub, and the dust bunnies that can no longer swish down the hall in my wake because of their increased heft. This would all be solved if I could just hire someone to do the cleaning for me; problem is, I don't really want some random person in my house, which is why the bathroom monkey seems like a worthwhile option.

With bathroom monkey you get a clean bathroom and a fun new animal to play with. The problem is I'm now not sure monkeys are that nice, given the latest attack in the headlines. Plus, I really don't need another animal, as I now have a third cat, which my dear husband was kind enough to let me take in. To return his favor, he gets to choose the gatos name (good deal huh?). Find out the top choices here.

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