Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Say 2 Hail Marys, or Better Yet....

Did you poop on your grandma’s bed? Did you kill your sister’s pet rabbit? Well, neither did I, but chances are someone did. I did however do some pretty bad things and I know you did too. If you want to feel better about those things, you now have a venue for creating a hierarchy of badness.
"How?" you ask.
"Easy," I say, "just go to this amazing, simply amazing blog, called ."

This blog is the most refreshing thing I have seen in a long, long time--it has even temporarily lifted the jaded cloud overhead. I've caught a glimpse into a window of naked honesty and human vulnerability, which I don't come across too often. Most of the time I want to forget I’m a part of the humanness of this world, simply because the lack of humanity and humility makes me want to glide away with Jimmy Jam. But this, this site, however weird it might seem, makes me want to like them, us, me, and give all those sad and bad people a good old pat on the back and say “Hey, I’m bad too, it’s okay.”

Maybe some of you will be super human and honest and send in your biggest baddest deed, I know I will. Big ups to Samit, Yuss Yuss! Duffintely! for leading me astray--truth be found and truth be told!

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