Friday, May 05, 2006

Channeling Shamoo

IM conversation with sister in The Land of Milk and Honey

Sister: Are you swelling yet? I had terrible swelling in my hands, feet and ankles when I was pregnant.

Me: Nope not me! Aren’t I lucky?

Stupid, Stupid me. I jinxed myself—24 hours later I’d be looking at my man hands and sausage toes.

Flax seed, Lemon juice, Gallons upon Gallons of water, Dandelion tincture—did they help? Not really.

And then, I attempted what I thought I’d never do….. I put on my Shamoo suit and hit the pool.

I’ve chosen the Orca as my swimming mascot, which seems a natural choice given my NW roots and my swimming costume, which is clearly in fitting with the Orca color scheme, black and white--black maternity bathing suit and white winter skin.

Flippers on, kick-board in hand and off I go, and so do the man hands and sausage toes.

Lesson of the day: When you feel like a whale, act like one.


Jen Stewart said...

I've never been pregnant, so maybe the whole water retention thing is different with pregnancy. But whenever I've been holding water, strawberries and watermelon and a lot of water have done the trick for me.

Or possibly I've just deluded myself into thinking it's done the trick so that I have one more excuse to eat watermelon or strawberries. Ha.

JoJo said...

i like the lesson du jour.....swimming is also good for you while being pregnant. see you soon!!!!!!!

Amber Bamber said...

I have to know - did the swimming help? I've been trying to get the pool, but I've been sick and the feet are starting to look a little stubby and squishy. eeewwww!!

and yes...I agree on the Watermelon! Had some the other day combined with some being lazy with my feet in the air. Seemed to do the trick.