Monday, May 01, 2006

Film Crime vs. Film Punishment

Crime and Punishment, the sweater

Match Point Yeah! Enduring Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment has finally paid off and I'm now talking to you from my high-brow-smarty-pants soap-box because it's completely clear from my classically read mind that Crime and Punishment was Woody Allen’s inspiration for this film. Crime and Punishment is long, really long and I don't recommend you read it unless you like classic novel torture or you find yourself in a cell, being punished for a crime. I endured all 5 badillion hours of Crime and Punishment on cd, mind you while knitting an atrocious sweater which has aptly been named Crime and Punishment because it was a crime to knit and is punishing to wear. Okay I'm off topic, Match Point is indeed a sexy thriller--see it.

Good Night and Good Luck... is all I have to say to those planning on watch this movie. I feel like a real lamo for not catching this film’s brilliance. Maybe it’s my lacking attention span, or my ability to fall asleep in 10 minutes flat, but nothing about this movie rocked my world. To me, it was like sitting in on a bunch of really boring meetings--probably along the lines of what it must be like for sons or daughters on take your kiddie to work day. I had to listen too hard to follow and there was no eye candy, be it human or landscape. Good Night and Good Luck with this one.

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Corey said...

Punishing to wear? C'mon now - that's a great sweater! Mr. Alex is looking quite dapper, as per usual. Good work!